Monday, April 29, 2013

Make it Happen Monday: Work It. Write It.

It's happening....

The rhythm of writing. The ideas flowing smoothly, succinctly. I remember this feeling right around Thanskgiving. I was bubbling with joy. And then I had a slight bump and eventually took a break in preparation for a new blog design that never happened. (Note: Don't work with lame designers). I also had a death in my extended family at the end of 2012 which certainly did not produce a level of creativity and happiness that I strive for in my writing style.

In the past week alone, writing, content creation and development, and pure brainstorming have taken over my life - and I LOVE it. I am not sure how it all happened but I know a Gchat conversation with Cristina Roman (@cmroman) surely had my juices flowing. We had first connected when I emailed her after reading a post she wrote for Levo League. She was thorough in her response to my inquiry and even offered to link back to my blog, which at the time was just itty bitty thing. Fast forward to a few days ago, I pitched an idea about a career-related post for her blog and readers. She enthusiastically gave her approval and now I'm off to the races to write my first guest post for another blogger Thanks Cristina!

Wait, there's more.

I recently wrote a review of BeBlogalicious Blogatech summit because it was that good of a networking/mini-conference. That blog post, which I tweeted to @beblogalicious, led to a guest spot on their website's blog! Check it out here.

Thanks Stacey for the opportunity. I had fun writing it.

So yes, this Monday has been a good one. A lot of writing, drafting, editing and connecting. Onward!

- IJ

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