Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tweets: Kathryn Finney Is Taking Names

Tuesday nights are always a good time especially when I join the #didtechtalk hosted by the much needed @DigUnDiv. The last few tweetchats have been chokeful of information with noted guests like @jessicalawrence to @kathrynfinney to @iluvvit. I follow all three of these women (and you should too).

Funny enough, tonight's #didtechtalk featured one of my colleagues, Shaun Johnson (@idealexit), co-founder of Startup Institute. It's definitely a small world because I work with him now and I just so happened to be sitting steps away from him as he was live tweeting (hilarious by the way).
If you're interested in how to build, motivate and sustain a startup team, then take a looksy at the hashtag, #didtechtalk.

The tweet that made me do a double take was THIS ONE -

I shrieked! And then realized I got called out.. on Twitter... by Kathryn Finney. Cue meme!

Well, I was actually just saying hello (via a *wave*) to my colleague Ama (@ama), who is based in California now. And then, in pops Ms. Finney into the tweetchat, announcing to everyone that the both of us should apply to be fellows. If you are unfamiliar with the Focus100 conference, then head over to for all the deets. Tell your friends. 

I definitely want to go but not as a fellow because I am not a founder nor do have an MVP. Maybe someday, just not today. Volunteering is not an option because there are only a few slots with a surplus of applicants. I still have time to toy with other options like having my company pay for me to attend (#winning) but we'll see. 

The main point of this post and Tuesday Tweets is to highlight awesome content like chats, links, a meme or two, etc. via Twitter. The one Kathryn sent takes the cake, personally. She's like a fairy tech godmother but with better hair and a bold personality. Can't wait to meet her in person! 

Ahh... not too shabby for a Tuesday, not too shabby at all. 

- Ijeoma

P.S. @christineceline co-signed too, lol. Check what she's working on @iamdtech and sign up for their newsletter
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