Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Faves List

It's been awhile since I penned a list of my favorite things. This list is a bit overdue but better late than never. No pomp and circumstance, let's get to it.

So.. the last few days and weeks have utterly crazy. Aside from the $100 parking ticket I got when I traveled to New York recently, it's all been very positive. I have met amazing women entrepreneurs and leaders from all walks of life. Their stories have been enriching and motivating. Here is snippet of recent adventures in no particular order.

  • The week I returned from the Midwest was jam packed but one event sticks out so clearly to me. Thanks to Kezia of Capital Cause, I was able to attend a private event for African-American women at a well-known executive building... that happens to the opposite of black... and has a lot of security... it's in the District of Columbia... you get the idea. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was in a room with beautiful, educated, fashionable black women. It was like a room full of Olivia Popes! I got to hear really unique stories about women who support the President and First Lady in very stressful, demanding and high-profile positions. All ages were represented and it was a glorious sight to see older women get emotional about their professional careers and the struggles they faced as women of color. I have their calls for progress and passion to pay it forward etched in my brain. Shout out to Jilliene and Larcus! They were brave and sat in the front row with me. Pleasure to meet such driven young women. 
Jilliene, Larcus and yours truly.    
  • The panel event I dreamed up is coming along slowly but surely. I've confirmed four panelists and a date, May 22nd at my alma mater, George Mason University. At first it was an idea in my head and now it's an event that is less than three weeks away!
  • I've been interested in public relations for awhile now and my internship has helped me learn a thing or two. I finally wrote my first press release and it was approved with flying colors. Yes!
  • Earlier this week, I met up with Amaka who is working on a crowdfunding startup to support women entrepreneurs. We are working together and it's been going well thus far. Her energy is so big and electric. Go Amaka! 
  • I blogged about my writeup for the Blogatech summit on Monday and since then, it was retweeted a couple of times by some of my faves, Ananda Leeke and @digundiv! Even better news... I am of one of three featured bloggers for BeBlogalicious. Look out for my post later this month.
I could go on. No really, I could. There's so much more. And I have the pictures to prove it! I'm doing a better job of taking my camera and not only uploading photos but editing and creating videos too. The possibilities for content creation and development are endless at this point.

This list is just a snippet of some of my favorite experiences in the last few weeks. I feel lucky that I can share these moments. Happy Friday!

- IJ

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