Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code swag. #changetheratio

I am a big fan of Black Girls Code and its founder, Kimberly Bryant (@6gems). This is really a beautiful and exciting movement to educate the next generation of girls and people of color to innovate and create technology. I was fortunate enough to attend a viewing of their documentary short. I watched it after seeing a tweet with a link to the video a few months ago. There is a stark dichotomy of watching the fifteen minute documentary on your laptop and seeing it with a roomful of black women.

Mind blown. 

There were a few non-black attendees and a guy or two, which is great because this space needs as many supporters as possible. Out of all of the recent events I've been to, from pitch competitions to networking happy hours to conferences, I have never been in a room where the majority of the attendees were brown people.What a refreshing feeling to be in a space where others look like you and are interested in technology and innovation! I was thoroughly annoyed that I got lost trying to find St. Franis College and missed the networking portion of the program but I was more than satisfied with just getting there.

One of my Startup Institute classmates, Danie, was there too. I forwarded her the Eventbrite ticket earlier in the afternoon because I know the event would be a good fit for her as a web developer. She seemed so pumped to get a New York chapter going and I really hope she connected with the right individuals to do so.

I had another engagement to attend later in the evening with some of my other Startup Institute classmates and employees at Lean Startup Machine at The Randolph near Little Italy. I really like the work that Lean Startup does all over the world. LSM is innovating and changing the way ideas are conceptualized and proven. Plus, one of colleagues from Mason works there. Shoutout to Sirfaraz (plus Sam + Rafael)

I am definitely looking forward to more tech and startup related events in New York City. Now, if only I can reduce my propensity for getting lost...

- Ijeoma

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