Monday, June 3, 2013

Make it Happen Monday: Personal Touch

It's June already! This time two weeks ago, I was in New York City attending a conference. It was hot as Hades and I was really looking forward to going home. Little did I know, that my Megabus ride would probably be one of my worst. The details are not worth sharing. It certainly was not as bad as last time but it's one I would like to forget. Note to self: Bring plenty of water.

That particularly trip set the stage for quite an exhausting week, ending in me falling ill. All of my grinding came to a halt about a week and a half ago. My throat, more like my nodules, were uncharactersially sore and swollen. I attritbute my sudden bout of illness to stress and fatigue. It was bound to happen. It's been two weeks and I feel a lot better, especially since several of my projects and engagements were successful. More on that later. I am happy to be blogging again. Now, let's get back to business.

I've wrapped up a least one internship and a part-time job. I have a few more projects to conclude so I can focus all my energies on my big move to the BIG apple. Countdown check: 5 days.

Aside from making my life more manageable by sleeping more, I am spending today and tomorrow in snailmail mode. For many years now, I've made it a habit to handwrite thank you notes and letters of appreciation whenever I leave an internship, job, program or a similar opportunity. I am knee-deep in stationary at the moment but love every minute of expressing my gratitude.

I'm making it happen this Monday by putting pen to paper, literally. Emails are certainly faster and more convenient but sometimes the road less traveled is more meaningful.

- Ijeoma

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