Monday, May 20, 2013

Make it Happen Monday: In New York City....Again

I'm going, going, back back to   New.   York.   City!

Well, actually I just left The Big Apple a la the Megabus. I took an Amtrak train to Penn Station and headed Uptown to attend Brandcamp U this afternoon. Check out their hashtag #iwnybcu13 for the play-by-play. The all-day branding event is part of Internet Week in the city and featured big names in digital media. I missed the crew from Startup Institute New York by a little bit.  I caught Lynne's (@lynneluvah) digital storytelling presentation; complete with simple tips and samples of brands who successfully managed and communicated their digital stories. Her five takeaways were as follows:

  1. Understand your audience. 
  2. Know the meaning of your brand.
  3. Create a story that connects. 
  4. Listen and engage (my personal favorite).
  5. Learn!

I came at the tail end but I had the opportunity to connect with folks afterwards, including one of my Startup Institute classmates. Shoutout to Damone; and kudos to Kristina of Villarini Maclean for asking a really good question during the last session about when to say "No".

Your read that right. Yours truly got accepted to Startup Institute. I know what you're thinking - "What about Boston?" Well, what had happened was...

I got accepted but the SI team thought I would be a better fit in NYC. Truth be told, they are right. I always said I would NEVER EVER live in the concrete jungle but I plan to do just that this summer. I am really excited and ready to eat, sleep and live my SI experience.

Like I mentioned before, I was prepared regardless of the outcome. I am really glad everything worked out though. I remember finishing my application literally minutes prior to the midnight deadline. I actually had to coach myself to click on the send button. I have no idea why I was terrified of applying in the first place. I never intended to procrastinate instead I kind of ignored the application entirely, thinking of dumb reasons as to why I would not earn acceptance into the program.

Lame. Not doing that again. Go big or go home. Looks like I'm going to New York City!!!!

This has been another awesome edition of Make it Happen Monday. :)

- IJ

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