Monday, March 11, 2013

Make IT Happen Monday: Application Time

A few months ago, I a met young woman interested in entrepreneurship and startups at a pitch competition at Georgetown University. In a serendipitous way, we met via Twitter while tweeting at this event. Score for hashtags.

What is great about our encounter is that she ended up being the first women of color running her own startup that I've met. I was impressed with her idea - layway plans for plane tickets. Since we've met she has been making it happen, including winning a hackathon in Atlanta at the end of 2012. Ama is the founder of Airfordable and is charging ahead. I'm really excited for her. Yay Ama!

Thanks to Ama, I learned one of her friends got accepted to a startup program in Boston. I was on Twitter and reading different tweets and came across their conversation. I was immediately intrigued about this intensive incubator-esque opportunity in a very techie city like Boston, Massachusetts. The program is now called StartupInstitute and has an additional site in New York City.

Every few months,  StartupInstitute reviews applications from college graduates and young professionals from all over the world. Their mission is to equip candidates with skills such as business development and product design to immediately impact a startup. I love the concept of the program and I have officially decided to apply. Lol, I haven't even told my family or friends so if I happen to get selected, then I will need to conjure up an epic story to weasel my way to Beantown.

I don't have a tech background but I won't let that deter me. My passion, imagination and work ethic are major bonus points. I really want to build the ideas I see in my head. Besides, if I want to meet like-minded folks, I have to go where they are, right? I know there are numerous startups and top-notch schools to surround myself. Moreover, if I want to see more diversity, I must choose to be part of the solution.

If I get accepted, that would be an amazing way to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It doesn't hurt to try, better yet, it doesn't hurt to try to make IT happen.

Happy Monday!

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