Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: New York State of Mind

Two weeks ago, I was in New York City to attend NYTech Day. The weather was mild but thankfully the sunshine was aplenty, making my walk from Columbus Circle to the Hudson River bearable. My trip was brief, nevertheless it was a good experience being in a space trolling with startups and entrepreneurs. Though I would have liked to have seen more diversity within the startups and attendees, there were hundreds upon hundreds of startups showcased which was a thrill for me. 

Prior to my trip in April, the last time I was in NYC was for my first blogging conference, BlogHer. I wrote about that experience and continue to think about that random inclination to buy a ticket for Pathfinder day. I was lucky that I had a group of friendly, supportive women. I still keep in touch with Anne of Peach Prenni too.

I guess, New York City is just one of the places. It's almost like a slightly addictive drug, but one that your doctor feels comfortable prescribing. It's truly a city that never sleeps, where every living soul has a dream, passion, hope, wish. I try to travel to NYC a few times a year just to get a jolt, or rather an injection of zest from the "concrete jungle" as Alicia Keys croon.

I will venture back to the Empire State for Brand Camp University. By happenstance, or luck, I saw a tweet about it and thought I need to step up my branding game. That, and I think camps are fun. I will be staying overnight catching up with friends and capturing as many photos as possible. This time, I will be ready.

In keeping with a the New York State of Mind theme, Jody of New York Notebook, will be my first guest blogger for next week's Thursday's Thoughts. She has a fun blog and a bunch of suggestions for enjoying the city on a budget.  Who knows, maybe we can move our Twitter conversations to IRL (in real life) conversations. Thanks Jody!

Jody's banner for her blog, New York Notebook.

I love the banner that she uses for blog. NYC here I come... again.

- IJ

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