Monday, April 1, 2013

Make IT Happen Monday: Public Relations Opp

I am happy to say, I spent my birthday weekend eating, sleeping and shopping. I did complete my previous goal of successfully going to bed three days in a row, before midnight. Best sleep ever!

My respite and birthday awesomeness came to an end last Tuesday morning. I boarded a direct flight to DCA at 6 a.m. and went straight to my internship and then a three-hour analytics class. Bru-tal! I only nodded off a little bit and decided against leaving class during intermission, which was a good decision. The second half of class was devoted to questions, mostly an open forum and I really learned a lot from that type of structure. I cannot wait to apply my knowledge to the digital strategy I'm building for my social media and web marketing internship.

As much as I am enjoying my internship in D.C., I actually have another one that keeps me busy. For the past few months, I was on the fervent and diligent hunt for an internship with a PR agency or firm. I did not have a particular focus though I do love startups and fashion. I applied, and applied and even tried to use my LinkedIn connections but no luck; that is until I started actively using Twitter. I stumbled upon a PR chat discussion, #prcafe, hosted and founded by @IdealPublicity. I've participated in a couple of different chats and everyone is supportive and insightful. There are really good questions and tips about being a publicist, working with clients, event planning, securing placements, etc. Everything and anything. Thanks to this chat, my interest and knowledge in PR has grown exponentially.

When I saw this tweet in late January, I went straight to my Gmail to begin composing a compelling, snazzy pitch. The subject of my email: "Remote Intern Ready to Dive into PR". Lol, it worked!

About six weeks later (the agony), I got a positive response. As of early March, I've been virtually interning with GoodGirlPR and I love it! The research is not glamorous but certainly a good learning opportunity. Plus, getting tips from a boss lady like Nickie, company founder and owner, has been really great.

Sometimes opportunities come out of nowhere and can take time, but when everything aligns, it's a really good feeling. I literally dove at the chance (hence my email subject line) and it's paying off. Happy face.

And that's the latest edition of Make It Happen Monday.

luckily yours,


P.S. Still working on a blog design, meh.

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