Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everywhere a Tweet Tweet

I must admit - I like Twitter. I was a holdout for quite a few years but to be fair, when Twitter launched I was more concerned with graduation and being gainfully employed than worrying about a little cornflower blue bird.

Since I joined Twitter almost seven months ago, I've amassed over 1,800 tweets and 300 followers. I also follow almost 700 people or companies. I am a proponent for maximizing social media to benefit your personal, professional or company brand. Last week, I was spending time on my Pinterest account and found this thorough and colorful infographic about tweeting. 

Infographics are very unique in that you can graphically and creatively present a lot of information. This particular infographic focses on Twitter and how you can leverage it accordingly.

Happy Tweeting and don't forget to connect with me @Lucky_IJ

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