Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lady Luck #461

This morning started off great. I took a walk with my sis around the neighborhood to get a little exercise. There are two rather steep hills that truly challenge my legs every time. Though I wanted to spend time in church, I didn't have the opportunity because I had family over. I spent some time with my niece and nephew, who are adorable. The weekends are always nice to relax and have a little fun. The weather was really nice and with the decrease in humidity I was happy until.... a few short hours later, dark clouds starting swarming. They moved with such celerity (GRE word!) that I was little nervous. Let's just say you could hear and feel the wind and rain. The power flickered a few times too.

Even the trees look sad. 
Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Lady Luck #461

The weather was dicey but doesn't mean I couldn't find something to do in lieu of studying. Check out my nails. My sister randomly found this color in her stash of nail polishes. Lady Luck goes perfectly with my gray and pink jersey dress. I'm not sure if this will be a signature color of mine but it wouldn't hurt to wear it on test day.

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