Friday, September 7, 2012


I took a little break from studying to venture to the city; downtown DC that is. I had a meeting with my awesome recruiter, Morgan. I met her two summers ago at a networking event in DC. She helped me land my first full-time job. Over the past two years, I've kept in touch via email, postcards, and phone calls. It pays to stay in touch and tap into your network.

I also got a chance to visit a college friend who works downtown. We met very briefly at a nearby Au Bon Pain but agreed that we should do a happy hour event in a few weeks. He always stays in touch, which I appreciate. Now I just need to send out emails and reminders about our pending meetup with a few other college mates.

Aquamarine Kathy Che blouse

Check me out in the city. I went for a business casual look since today is Friday. I got compliments on the color of my blouse and my black pumps. I like that I captured the second button in a reflective mood. Pretty cool. Happy Friday!

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