Thursday, February 6, 2014

For Real This Time

My first post in 2014. #abouttime

So many really good posts, locked - not out of heaven - but in my head. Since leaving blogging behind to manage the blog and social content for the startup I worked at, I only really had time to blog in my head. Seriously, there were some good posts but it is a shame I never took the time to sit and type. (I almost wanted that to read 'sit and write').

I have to ease into blogging because dare I say.. my editing might be better than my writing and blogging. Oh snap. Sound the alarm! For most of 2013, I consumed so much content and media. Magazines, blogs, videos, social media, people watching on mass transit. That is a lot of information to take in on daily basis. I am certainly more hip to what's going in the digital space and how it affects us, as people, and brands online and offline. Digital discourse is quite fascinating and in 2014, I look forward to more of it.

Remember my first post? Way back when, ahem 2012, I just started blogging and kept it up for awhile. I have yet to hit 100 posts, sadly. I am much more confident in my voice, both online and offline, so it's only appropriate that I share my thoughts. All I can hope, plan and pray for is less trying, more blogging.

For real this time.
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