Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

My attempt at thinking of a fun, alliterative theme for a Thursday post resulted in a rather bland, "Thursday Thoughts". Go figure.

Though the outcome was less-than-desired, I will work with what I have because perfectionism is pointless. Besides, I need to get back to writing. So many adventures, so little posting. Earlier today, I read a quote on another blog that resonated quite well: "Creativity takes courage". I have to agree with Mr. (Henry) Matisse but I would argue that sharing your creativity takes even more courage.

Sharing ultimately leads to a sense of vulnerability, a fear, a decision to be open without knowing the outcome of your openness. Denial is real and to be expected. What I found to be amazing by sharing your interests, dreams, passions with others is connecting with like-minded people. Think Seth Godin and the "find your tribe" motif. The more I share, the more I receive in support, feedback and hope. Hope that I'm not crazy for wanting to push myself and other women. In fact, based on the recent comments and words of encouragement from friends, I think I need to push harder and further.

Thursday Thoughts may just be my musings of the day, of the moment. Regardless if one decides to share, one sentiment rings true. You. Must. Create. 

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