Thursday, March 7, 2013


I thought today marked my six month blogging anniversary. Well, I was wrong, which is kind of funny because yesterday was a snow day. Some areas of the Washington metropolitan region got zilch while others got as much as a foot of snow. The mid-Atlantic is peculiar, fickle perhaps, in terms of climate.

The bright star was out shining so the white stuff melted away rather quickly. Speaking of quickly, six months sure has escaped me. The best of times, the worst of times. In honor of my six months, aka my blog's half birthday, tomorrow's faves list will be a collection of my favorite posts. That idea just came to me, so I need to spend tonight re-reading my posts. Fun times.

Oh, and for a little inspiration I will leave you with this poster that hangs in my friend's office. Look closely... at the bottom. The Swahili words translate to read "I am an entrepreneur".

 Here's to another six months! Let's hope I'm not a day late next time.
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