Wednesday, February 27, 2013


First and foremost, kudos to The Onion for apologizing.

Secondly, I am excited about getting back to writing. It is long overdue. The new blog design is not happening - at least not yet. I am not actively searching for another designer. In fact, I am taking steps to learn how to code. I got some inspiration and motivation from sites like Skillcrush and groups like Rails Girls (via For now, getting back to a regular, blogging schedule will have to do.

At the moment, I have bookend ideas for the week. Way back when, I started sharing lists of my favorite things that I find online. To help me keep track of everything and to offer great websites and information for everyone, "Friday Favorites" will be a regular feature. I already have a list for this week. Stay tuned!

I love a good theme; so, for Mondays I thought how best to begin the week on a positive and productive note. Therefore, Mondays will be "Make it Happen/Made it Happen Monday". This particular idea actually grew out of conversation from a Local Levo (#LocalLevo) in DC. A young woman in my small group needed some advice about asking for a raise. I was happy to help because I have been in that situtation. It can certainly feel like a gray area but with confidence, evidence and professionalism anyone, especially women, can ask for what they deserve. Thanks Alex for wanting to get assistance in taking an important step in your career.

The last three weeks have truly taught me to value yourself and listen to your intution. There is no point in putting yourself in a space that is not supportive, creative and dynamic. I expect and will work towards creating that space with this blog.

With that said, this blog will continue to be under construction but in a good way :)


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