Monday, October 29, 2012

No Matter the Weather

This time last week I was in Milwaukee and the weather was rainy and cold. Now, instead of being in New York City to make my presentation in front of RachelChris, I'm home waiting for Hurricane Sandy to do what hurricanes do. Heavy rain, strong winds, etc etc.

That reminds me. As I was on the plane last week, I read a USATODAY article about Marissa Meyer, the new CEO at Yahoo! in regards to third-quarter profit earnings. I was happy to read that the company increased its profits under her leadership thus far. It is still too early to decide whether her plan to "grow and redefine" the company will pan out in the long run. Thankfully, the story did not revolve around her summer pregnancy and recent birth of her son. Why is the media fascinated when a women in a high-profile position becomes pregnant? Yahoo! was well aware of her pregnant belly before they hired her. She's already started making serious hiring moves, so hopefully she will be successful at Yahoo!. Speaking of female leaders in the tech world, check out Sheryl Sandberg's fat paycheck. Winning! If you've haven't seen her TED Talk, do yourself a favor and watch it. Thank me later.

It is very tempting to watch a marathon of Project Runway when you're essentially trapped in your home. At least last night, I spent some time searching different topics related to marketing, social media and business school on Quora. This site is pure fun for me. I like to receive feedback and on Quora there is a plethora of advice from professionals, experts, enthusiasts. Everyone has something to say and the whole concept works well, in my opinion. Quora also links to your social media accounts. By all means, invite your friends and followers for a discussion.

I finally started a page for profiles of women entrepreneurs. I will be featuring interviews very soon. I am looking forward to the insight they have to offer. If you know of someone or are interested in sharing your experiences, don't be shy! Contact me.

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