Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tweets: Spread Light, Spread Literacy #SLSL2013

As promised, I will provide more information about the philanthropy project I'm participating in on behalf of Capital Cause, a young philanthropist organization based in Washington, D.C. If I recall correctly, I first learned of the organization at the end of 2010. I saw an email in a Yahoo! group from one of their board members as they were recruiting leadership for 2011-2012. I applied but did not get the membership director position. I was asked to be a volunteer and decided to support the organization. I've been a volunteer member ever since!

This spring, I signed up for one of their giving cirlces projects and was matched up with three other young philanthropists. A giving cirlces project is an intensive, 60-day fundraising initiative. Small groups of young philanthropists crowdsource their skills to crowdfund a project.

My team is made up of our group leader and only guy, Anthony, Krishana, and Shantae. Our Capital Cause advisor is Jalisa. Special shoutout to Darla, our Capital Cause liasion! Our challenge is to raise $2,000 for a public charter school in D.C. The funds will benefit 144 students and the school's online literacy tools as well as new laptops. For more information and to make a $25 to sponsor a letter on our keyboard, visit our fundraising page - Don't be shy, tell a friend, tweet and like our Facebook page. I've always been a bookworm, so this particular initiative is certainly worth my time (and hopefully yours).
Like previously mentioned, my role is to manage our social media presence which includes or Facebook page and tweets via our hashtag (#SLSL2013). I try to post relevant images, quotes and fundraising updates to our Facebook page. This week, I am ramping up our efforts to ensure we reach our goal. One of the ways I keep track of our hashtag is using Tagboard. You can do hashtag searches through Twitter but I learned of last week and I am huge fan. I like the interface and you can easily browse through uploaded photos as well - all in one convenient place.

Check out all of our tweets on my team's Tagboard page - You will see tweets from all of us as well as photo uploads from our recent game night. If you want to join us, feel free to tweet about your favorite book, word or letter with the hashtag, #SLSL2013. While you're at it, make a donation.

I will keep you posted on us. Go Team Spread Light, Spread Literacy!

- IJ

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