Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Lake Michigan Time

I meant to write this post hours ago but now it's dark, dreary and wet outside. The weather abruptly changed and my productivity level is dropping steadily. I still need to pack tonight in preparation for my an early flight to the best destination ever - my bed.

Enough about tomorrow. Yesterday, I spent six hours embracing "self-care". Thanks to my dear friend, Emily, and two of her classmates, we enjoyed a nice day of meditation and exercise. The views of the Lake Michigan at Lion's Den Gorge were breathtaking. Despite the fact that I cannot swim, I love the water. There is an irony in the serenity of crashing waves. The water was pure and beautiful; shades within shades of cerulean blue.

Hello blue

Winds and waves
I wished I lived near the water.

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