Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the Winds

I made it to Chicago! It was sunny bright when I landed near Union Station, forty minutes ahead of schedule. Megabus, you are too good to me. Well, almost too good. I did not have access to Internet but it was fine. The ride was smooth and scenic. So much land out in the middle of the country. Traffic was non-existent which is mind-boggling. I've had intermittent cases of traffic-withdrawal, if such a condition. There was a rest stop at some place called Dixie 66. I ordered breakfast to-go and it was hot and yummy. Best eggs I have had in a while.

Today also means I am one week away from being in my own bed. I am certainly looking forward to next Tuesday but I am really happy to be in Chicago. I still need to give a robust recap of the past few days but everything in due time.

Fortunately, I have a place to stay for free and a friend/guide to navigate the city. Thanks Shamama!  She's already introduced me to deep dish pizza. Check off my list.

I basically saw the last ten minutes of the presidential debate. Looks I am spending my morning on YouTube to get up to speed. Later, I will visit the Booth School of Business. Not sure if I will apply but I am curious about the program. I might as well as learn more about the school and get a first-hand look for myself.

So many schools, so little time.

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