Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cleaning My Birdhouse

I hope and pray I only have to write about this once. Apparently my Twitter account (@LuckyIJ) was hacked earlier today. I got a weird message from one of my followers but didn't think much of it. I was tied up this afternoon touring a facility site and visiting a colleague at his office. For most of the afternoon, I was not on Twitter. Had I been, I would have definitely been on the attack.

Thankfully, I got a message from Cecily Kellogg (@Cecily K), whom I met last week at the women's conference in Philadelphia. She sent me a direct message that was plain and clear. Basically, I got hacked!

So, what do you do when your Twitter handle gets hacked? Instead of wasting my energy by getting angry and trying to play Sherlock Holmes, I did the following:

1. I sent direct messages to each of my followers who received spam messages. Unfortunately, some of them got two messages but thankfully it wasn't too many.

2. Changed my password. I not only changed it, I made sure it was a very strong. The more differentiated characters you have, the better. It won't hurt to update my password every few weeks/months as well.

3. I shared my story, hence my the title of my blog post.

The Internet can be a crazy, mischievous place at times. This experience certainly woke me up. I turned a negative situation into a learning experience. And I definitely just bought my domain name.

Birdhouse cleaned.
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